Special Area Classes

Art K-8: (20 minutes)

Exploring Art (20 minutes)-Week 1 

Creating Art (20 minutes)-Week 2

Heath/Physical Education K-8: (20 minutes)

Health (20 minutes)-Week 1 

Physical Activity (20 minutes)-Week 2

Music K-8: (20 minutes)

Listening (20 minutes)-Week 1

  • Explore a new type (genre) of music that you don’t usually listen to.  What was different about it? What was the same? Tell a friend or family member the name of a song and the artist and ask their opinion too.
  • https://www.brainpop.com/artsandmusic/
    • Art Concepts, Famous Artists and Musicians, Learning Music, Musical Genres

Creating (20 minutes)-Week 2

  • Try making some new tunes with the link below or another instrument of your choosing.  Singing counts! Your voice is an instrument too!
  • https://www.brainpop.com/artsandmusic/
    • Making Music

Library K-8: (20 minutes)

Destiny Quest (20 minutes)-Week 1

Web Scavenger Hunt (20 minutes)-Week 2

Computer Science K-8: (20 minutes)

Typing/keyboarding skills (10-20 minutes)

  • ACTIVITY!  Grades 7-8, EDU Typing.com
  • ACTIVITY!  Grades K-1, you may stark using this program from Mr. Weiss' class, planned for the 4th quarter.   Simply focus on letter identification, not hand placement. We will use correct fingering K-6. No more than 20 minutes of practice in a sitting, set a timer. Continue to TypeTastic through Clever
  • ACTIVITY!  Grades 2-6, you may continue using the program from Mr. Weiss' class.   Remember, accuracy and proper fingering are key! Speed will come with practice. Continue to Typing.com through Clever
  • ACTIVITY!  Grades K-6, you may continue coding from Mr. Weiss' class.   I encourage you to try a different module than the one assigned for class. "Dance Party," "Machine Learning," and "Flappy Bird" are some great supplemental activities. Continue to CODE.org through Clever for grades K-6