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Delay/Cancellation Info

Notification Information

When an emergency or inclement weather requires a change to the student school hours, parents/guardians will receive a call from the school messenger system when a delay or cancellation is called.  The following radio/TV stations and the Indiana Gazette, will also carry the announcement. The media is normally contacted between 5:30 - 6:00 am when school is to be delayed or cancelled. When the decision is made to dismiss early, the media will be notified immediately. 


Altoona - WFGY-FM (Froggy) 98.1
Blairsville - WCLY-FM 106.3
Indiana - WDAD-AM 1450; PLANET-FM 92.5; WCCS-AM 1160
Johnstown - WKYE-FM 95.5; WNTG-FM (The Mountain) 96.5;
Pittsburgh - 3WS-FM 94.5; KDKA-AM 1020
Punxsutawney - WPXZ-FM 104.5; WPXZ-AM 1540


Altoona - Channel 10 WTAJ
Johnstown - Channel 6 WJAC
Pittsburgh - Channel 2 KDKA; Channel 4 WTAE; Channel 11 WPXI INTERNET

Please tune in one of the above stations for information on school closings or delays. DO NOT CALL THE STATIONS OR THE SCHOOL FOR INFORMATION. The stations will not give information over the phone; calls to the school tie up phone lines that are needed to maintain communication with agencies that provide support to the school.


ARIN OnLine - SchoolCast
MCASD Homepage


When the school day is cancelled due to inclement weather or other emergencies, the media is informed as soon as the decision is made. For weather cancellations, they are notified between 5:30 - 6:00 am. You may also obtain information on weather cancellations or delays from the Indiana Gazette by calling their Information Line at 724-465-8100. You may access our school closing information by entering the numbers 2151.


The start of school will be delayed 2 hours for grades K-12. BREAKFAST WILL NOT BE SERVED. The AM Early Childhood (K4) classes will be picked up two hours later than normal time and dismissed at 1:15 pm (Approx 1:45 minutes later than normal time). PM K4 will be pick up Approx. half an hour later than normal time and will be dismissed at the end of the day. Children will be picked up at their bus stop 2 hours later than their regular pick-up time. The school day will end at the regular time unless weather conditions or emergency situations necessitate an earlier departure time. If this occurs, the media will be notified immediately.


Circumstances may dictate that school be cancelled after a two hour delay is announced. If it is necessary to cancel school after a two-hour delay is announced, the media will be notified prior to 8:00 am.


An early dismissal may occur at any time and may not affect all buildings. Please make arrangements for your child that accommodates early dismissals. Parents must have a plan to accommodate their children if the arrival is before the parents are home. Please review your plan with your child on a regular basis.


If school is dismissed early or cancelled due to inclement weather, all Community Service Programs are automatically cancelled. Therefore, if the decision to cancel a program due to inclement weather is made before 2:00 p.m., notification will be made as a school announcement. Cancellations are made as soon as possible; however, there may be times that a decision is made after 2:00 p.m. In such cases, please tune to 1450 WDAD or 1160 WCCS for cancellation information.