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Board of Directors

Top row: Charles Beatty Jr., William Cornman, Willam McMillen, Dwight Farmery, Victoria Dicken
Bottom row: Ronald Fulton, Charles Glasser, Gregg Sacco, Tony Moretti


Board of School Directors



President                 Gregg Sacco


Vice President        William McMillen


Secretary                Christina L. Shilling              Non-voting member


Treasurer                William Cornman



Region I                 


Charles Beatty, Jr


Gregg Sacco (ICTC Rep.)


Victoria Dicken



            Region II


William Cornman


Ron Fulton


Tony Moretti



                Region III


Chuck Glasser (ARIN Rep.)


William McMillen


Dwight Farmery



If you would like to contact one of the board members by email, please call the Administration Office at 724-397-5551 Ext. 5000 to obtain their contact information.