Second Grade

English Language Arts K-2 (60 minutes)

Heggerty (10 minutes)

Wilson Fundations (20 minutes)

Book Time (15 minutes)

Digital Learning Connection (15 minutes or more)

  • Wilson Fundations Resources
      • Week 1:  Unit 6

      • Week 2:  Unit 7

      • Week 3:  Unit 8

  • Book Time Resources
      • Take time to read a book with your child and have your child read a book to you.  
      • ReadingIQ is an advanced digital library and literacy platform for children through 6th grade that provides access to thousands of high-quality books, all curated by experts to advance literacy.      School Code:  SCHOOL6739

  • Digital Learning Connection Resources
      • Early Learning Academy is the leading and most comprehensive digital early learning resource for students in preschool through 2nd grade. ABCmouse offers a research-validated curriculum with more than 10,000 individual Learning Activities and more than 850 complete lessons along our Step-by-Step Learning Path             School Code: SCHOOL6739


Math K-2: (35 minutes)

Fluency (15 minutes) 

Practice (20 minutes)

    • Identify and read numbers correctly from 1-1,000 
      • ACTIVITY!  Gather food items from the pantry with nutrition labels and practice reading the amounts of the ingredients.  The range of ingredients between 0 and 1,000 will match the goal for today!  
    • Name numbers in place values in the ones, tens and hundreds places 
      • ACTIVITY!  Roll three dice or one die three times and record the numbers as you roll them.  Identify the place value of each digit. For example, 345 has a 3 in the hundreds place and three hundreds, 4 in the tens place so it has four tens, and 5 in the ones place so it has 5 ones.  Do this ten times. Try to create the smallest number possible with the numbers you roll.  Then create the largest number possible!
    • Add/subtract within 20 (know single digit sums from memory)
      • ACTIVITY!  Create two stacks of cards with numbers 0 through 9 in them (or print sets of them from the bottom of this document).  Flip two over and find the sum within three seconds! Your goal is to get faster but with accuracy!  
    • Add/subtract up to 100 with paper and pencil
      • ACTIVITY!  Search a newspaper or magazine to find double digit numbers to add.  Find ten pairs of numbers and find the sum of them! Remember, page numbers count!  Be creative and think of all of the places you can find numbers. Then, subtract five of those double digit numbers from 100.
    • Review math skills and concepts from this academic year
      • This website is a wonderful resource for practicing skills from this year.  It is free for students and you can sign them up for an account when you go to the website.  The skills that they will practice cover a variety of topics and the children are engaged with a cartoon video-game type feel as they complete missions to gain rewards.  There are some challenges and some easy spots which keeps them playing! I encourage approximately 20 minutes per day of play time on the site.


Science/Social Studies: Alternate daily

Learning the concept/video (15 minutes)

  • ACTIVITY!  Draw a picture of the lab experiment that you watched and write 3 - 5 sentences to summarize the results.  What surprised you? Did the experiment turn out as expected? Did anything go differently than they planned?  What did you think was going to happen? Don’t forget to name your artwork!

Hands-on learning/experiments/lab experiences from the videos (20 minutes)

Virtual Tours! (all grades) 

  • ACTIVITY!  Take one or two virtual tours each week and write a letter to someone in your family about why they should take it too!  Details are very important here. The letter should include some of the things that you saw!