English Language Arts (60 minutes)

Heggerty (10 minutes)

Wilson Fundations (20 minutes)

Book Time (15 minutes)

Digital Learning Connection (15 minutes or more)

    • Wilson Fundations Resources
      • Week 1:  Unit 2

      • Week 2:  Unit 3

      • Week 3:  Unit 4

    • Book Time Resources
      • One of the best things you can do with your child is read with them or to them.  If you need new materials to read, check out these sites for free.
      • ReadingIQ is an advanced digital library and literacy platform for children through 6th grade that provides access to thousands of high-quality books, all curated by experts to advance literacy.      School Code:  SCHOOL6739

    • Digital Learning Connection Resources
      • Early Learning Academy is the leading and most comprehensive digital early learning resource for students in preschool through 2nd grade. ABCmouse offers a research-validated curriculum with more than 10,000 individual Learning Activities and more than 850 complete lessons along our Step-by-Step Learning Path             School Code: SCHOOL6739


Handwriting skills (10-20 minutes)



Fluency (15 minutes) 

  • ACTIVITY 1!  Make flash cards (available at the bottom of this document) with the numbers 1-20 on them.  Post the numbers throughout your house. Have a scavenger hunt and high five the numbers as you find them and say them aloud.  Any number that is said incorrectly should be marked with a small tally so that it can be practiced more frequently.
  • ACTIVITY 2!  Place flash cards in a deck face down and take turns flipping over a number and reading it.  Put the numbers in order from least to greatest. Challenge: put the numbers in order from greatest to least!
  • ACTIVITY 3!  Hold five pennies in your hand.  Drop them onto the table. The number of heads represents one number, the number of tails represents the other.  Find the sum of the two numbers! Repeat 10 or more times and make a list of all of the combinations that you create! 
    • ACTIVITY!  Roll one die and quickly call out the number of dots on the top of the die.  This activity can easily be done when a board game is played with the family. 
    • Identify numbers from 1-20
    • Add/subtract within 5
    • Identify the number of dots on one die within 3-5 seconds

Science/Social Studies - Alternate daily

Learning the concept/video (15 minutes)

  • ACTIVITY!  Draw a picture of the lab experiment that you watched.  Talk about what surprised you? Did the experiment turn out as expected? Did anything go differently than they planned?  What did you think was going to happen? Don’t forget to name your artwork!

Hands-on learning/experiments/lab experiences from the videos (20 minutes)


Virtual Tours! (all grades) 

  • ACTIVITY!  Take one virtual tour and tell your family members why they should take the tour as well. Details are very important here. Talk about some of the things that you saw!