High School Students


English Language Arts/Science/Social Studies:

Students can access Newsela to continue practicing reading comprehension and writing skills.  A code is required to access the materials. The class does not have assignments added, but students can search a wide variety of articles by subject area.  The reading level can be adjusted by lexile level at the top right of the screen. Grade equivalents for lexile levels are below. You can choose your child’s level that best suits his/her reading ability.  This is a great way to get cross-curricular content!

Click on the following link to join MC’s Newsela SR High Account: https://newsela.com/quickjoin/#/UT2MDK

OR, go to Newsela.com, click join, and use UT2MDK as your code. 




This website acts as a minds-on tutor for students all the way through high school math concepts should your child struggle with any concept.  I encourage you to keep this one handy now and in the future. Teachers explain strategies step by step and in helpful ways to help students understand the concepts they may have misunderstood in class!



Social Studies/Science:

Virtual Tours! (all grades) 

  • Take one or two virtual tours each week and write a letter to someone in your family comparing the two places Details are very important here. Convince them that they should or shouldn't go.


Watch educational videos about Science and History!  Or, go outside and enjoy nature, plant a garden, study your animals more closely (while practicing social distancing, of course!).  This is also an excellent time to practice your home economic skills.  Make your family meals, learn to sew, do the laundry, spring clean!