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Grade K ELA Practice Activities

Reading Activity Pack

This At-Home Activity Packet includes two parts, Section 1 and Section 2,
each with 5 lessons in it. We recommend that your student complete one
lesson each day.  Children will need the support of an adult or older student to complete these lessons, unless they can read independently. Encourage your student to do the best they can with this content. The most important thing is that they continue to work on their reading!


Issued: March 30, 2020    Grade K        Answer Key: Grade K 

Issued: April 13, 2020       Grade K        Answer Key: Grade K 


Writing and Language Lessons

Writing and Language lessons offer daily writing opportunities and language skills practice. Lessons are split into two parts with the first part focused on writing and the second part focused on language practice. These lessons can be worked on independently or with your support.  Another way to practice handwriting is to have your child draw a picture and then write about it on the Wilson Picture-Writing paper provided below.  We've also included a correct letter formation packet for parents to refer to when helping their children with their handwriting.  


Issued: April 13, 2020    Grades K–1 

Phonemic Awareness/Phonics Activities

Developing phonemic awareness and phonics skills are critical with our beginning readers.  Our Reading Specialists developed a 20 Day Choice Board to practice these skills during the closure.  Choose 1 activity per day and cross them off as you go. Letter tiles are provided on the Wilson Alphabet Board.  Print them on card stock if you can for easier manipulation.  

Independent Reading Activity Bingo

Independent Reading Supports provide tools to encourage students to share reading with others, write in response to reading, and build curiosity about words and topics they are reading about, and can be used alongside any type of reading.


Issued: April 13, 2020    Grades K–1 


Grade K Math Practice Activities

Math Review and Enrichment

The first Math packet issued on March 30th included lesson from the i-Ready program.  Unfortunately, the company discontinued the black and white packets and moved to a full color text book, which we were unable to mass copy.  In the current packet, the Math review and enrichment sheets are practice sheets pulled from the Go Math curriculum used in school.  Click on the PDF below to access these activities.  Children should complete 1 - 2 lessons per day.  They should also practice number sense activities found in the link below (provided by Curriculum Associates), as well as their addition facts.  
Issued March 30, 2020:
Grade K          Answer Key: Grade K 
Issued April 13, 2020:  

All activities below were issued with the March 30, 2020 packets.  These are great activities to practice continually throughout the closure.

Numbers Within 5

Activity: Activities | Answer Keys

Numbers Within 10

Activity: Activities | Answer Keys

Numbers Within 100

Activity: Activities | Answer Keys

Adding and Subtracting Numbers

Activity: Activities | Answer Keys

Describing Shapes

Activity: Activities | Answer Keys