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In this packet, you will find a list of suggested activities to practice with your child. Please consider dividing up these activities by working for 10-20 minutes at a time. We recommend doing 2 or 3 of these sessions per day as long as you are able to take a break in between sessions. Remember, our students spend most of their time learning through play. They will need to have many opportunities to build, play games, create, imagine, cut, draw, color, dance, and learn through discovery.

These are some beginning Kindergarten Math activities that would be great for our PreK students to practice.  There were also flash cards included in the packets for children to practice number sense activities, number recognition, and counting.  If you want flash cards and didn't get them, let your child's teacher know.  

Numbers Within 5

Activity: Activities 

Numbers Within 10

Activity: Activities 

Describing Shapes

Activity: Activities 

Below are lesson provided by our Special Area Teachers (Art, Computers, Library, Physical Education, and Music) for our PreK students: