Other Academic Resources

Supporting your children’s education is an important task for any parent, but it can be especially difficult to find and filter resources under today's unique circumstances that extend the lessons beyond the classroom.  To help in this time of uncertainty, our district staff has started a resource list of websites that you may visit and utilize while your child is away from school.  These resources are organized in the Links tab on the right of this page as Elementary and High School Resources or you can click on the links below.
We understand that as parents, it may be difficult to weed through all of the sites listed in the links above, especially when you are not sure exactly what is being covered within your child's classroom.  The District has put together some suggested activities for families for each grade level at the primary level, and for grade spans from 3rd grade up, for children to continue to practice the skills they have covered so far this school year.  There are also activities to extend their learning and to provide virtual opportunities to expand their background knowledge.  These suggestions are just that, suggestions.  Children are not required to complete the suggested activities.  They will not be used for grades or attendance purposes in any way.  They are simply a resource for parents to provide continuity in their child's learning, if they choose to do so.  To access these suggestions, please click on the grade or grade span to your right (or at the bottom of the page,depending on your browser), then scroll to find your child's grade level.  
For Special Education Students, please click on the grade level of material that best suits your child's needs.  Skills/levels that your child is working on are listed within the present education levels of their Individual Education Plans. Students within our Elementary Learning Support programs have access to an on-line program called i-ready.  Students are welcome to continue working on the lessons within that program during the school closure.  If your child cannot remember his/her password, please email [email protected].  Again, this work will not be used for grades or attendance purposes in any way.  However, it will help students maintain their currently acquired skills.  We understand that these resources are no substitute for your child's educational program and we are not considering them as such.  If you have any questions, please email Amy Gaston, Director of Education at [email protected].