i-Ready Online

ALL students PreK - Grade 8 are set up with accounts in the i-ready system. 
Visit i-Ready.com to access the program. 
You can also download the i-Ready app on your iOS device to access the program.  You must have iOS 11 or higher.  The instructions are included in the Family Guide below.  
Usernames are set up using your child's first name (first letter capitalized) and the mmdd of their birthdate.  For example Amy0331 would be my username.  My birthday is 03/31/79.  
Passwords are all set as: iready.  
   Another example: Harry Potter born July 31, 1980.
Be sure to read the information on the Diagnostic Assessment that all students will complete prior to accessing the lessons. This information is very important! 
When students log in, they will choose between math or reading on the first screen.  
We recommend that your child works on the program for no more than 2 hours each day, or maybe every other day.  You can determine what is right for your child based upon their individual needs, the other activities you are doing, and the amount of screen time they get throughout the day.  This is not meant to take the place of school!  
Click on the i-Ready Family Guide below for an instruction sheet on how to access the site on your child's device, tips for supporting your child's learning, and how you can monitor your child's progress at home.  
If you have any issues getting the app loaded on your device or technical issues, please submit a Technical Support ticket and our technical support team will get back to you as soon as possible.  
If you have any issues logging on due to username/password failure or issues/questions about the program, please submit an Educational Support ticket and our educational support team will get back to you as soon as possible.