Diagnostic Assessment

i-Ready Diagnostic is an adaptive assessment designed to provide teachers with actionable insight into student needs. The Diagnostic offers a complete picture of student performance and growth.  


The assessment takes time and can be broken up into segments.  It does not have to be completed in one sitting.  It is lengthy and is not a reflection of how the lessons are presented.  If your child is feeling frustrated with it, break it into smaller segments.  The lessons are more interactive and are not nearly as lengthy.  


IMPORTANT!! It is very important that you only provide technical assistance to your child when they are taking the i-Ready Diagnostic.  Helping your child with the material will produce false results and will not create a path based truly upon what your child needs.  If he/she struggles, it's okay.  The questions will adapt to their level as they move through the assessment.  The goal is for the lessons to be at their instructional level.  Helping them during the assessment may cause them to be frustrated with the material presented later in the lessons.