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Student Registration


Student Enrollment


Currently all elementary students are enrolled at the WA McCreery Elementary Office.  Please visit the office to complete an application packet, or call 724 397-5551 x1010.  Once you complete the necessary paperwork, our transportation director will determine whether your child will attend Rayne or WA McCreery Elementary.  You will be notified either the day you enroll or the day after. If your child is in grade 7 - 12, please visit the High School Office or call 724-397-5551 Ext. 1140.

What To Bring With You

In accordance with the Department of Education, for a student to be enrolled in our school district, the following documentation is required:

  • Proof of child’s date of birth (birth certificate, baptismal certificate, or a notarized statement from the parents)
  • Record of immunizations
  • Proof of residency within the district (lease agreements, driver’s license, pay stubs, utility bills, etc.)
  • Income Information (PreK Applicants Only)
  • Foster Care Agency Letter (Foster Children Only)


We recommend you bringing the following documents as well:

  • A copy of the IEP and Evaluation Report (if applicable)
  • Custody Paperwork (if applicable)


Proof of Residency Requirements for a Child Who Is a Dependent and Not Your Own Child

According to § 1302 of the Pennsylvania School Code of 1949, any child who meets the minimum requirements of this statute is entitled to attend public school in the resident district of the adult who is supporting him or her gratis.  An adult residing in the school district is required to file either appropriate legal documentation to show dependency or guardianship (or a sworn statement that the adult is a resident of the school district, that he or she is supporting the child gratis,) will assume all personal obligations for the child relative to school requirements, and intends to keep and support the child continuously and not merely through the school term.  The school district may, pursuant to the attached guidelines, require other reasonable information to be submitted by the resident to substantiate the sworn statement.  Upon such filing, the school entity must enroll the child in question.

  • Proof that signer is a resident of the Marion Center Area School District
  • Proof that signer is supporting the child gratis
  • Proof that signer will assume all personal obligations for the child relative to school requirements and intends to so keep and support the child continuously and not merely through the school term


Forms are available at any of the Marion Center Area School District office buildings.

Enrollment Requirements
A school-age student shall be entitled to attend the schools of the district of residence.[1][2][3][6]
The District shall enroll a school-age, eligible student the next business day, but no later than five (5)  business days after application.[3]

The District shall not enroll a student until the parent/guardian has supplied the following proof required
by law:[1][2][3][7][8][9][10]

Proof of Age
The District may obtain any one of the following documents to ensure the child’s correct age: birth certificate; notarized copy of the birth certificate; baptismal certificate; copy of the record of baptism, which is notarized or duly certified and shows the date of birth; notarized statement from the parents or another relative indicating the date of birth; a valid passport or a prior school record indicating the date
of birth.