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The Marion Center Area School District will be closed to all students and educational staff until March 27, 2020, as per Governor Wolfe's directive.  The District will continue to communicate closures and other plans to parents as things unravel.  If you need to contact the school, please email via this website using the "Contact Us" tab at the upper right of the page, or call one of the individuals listed below.


        McCreery Elementary, Mr. Mark Magolis                 724-397-5551 Ext. 1860

        Rayne Elementary School, Mrs. Susan DeVaughn  724-397-5551 Ext. 1855

        Marion Center High School, Mr. Matt Jioio              724-397-5551 Ext. 1850

        Superintendent, Mr. Clint Weimer                            724-397-5551 Ext. 5950

        Director of Education, Mrs. Amy Gaston                  724-397-5551 Ext. 5413


The Marion Center Area School District is very appreciative of your understanding and support during this difficult time. 


Free meal orders should be directed to 724-397-5551 Ext. 5408.  Please leave a message on Cathie Stiteler's voicemail with your name, number of children, and pickup location.