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Grades 9 - 11 Packets

Students Grades 7 – 11 will continue with packet distribution every other Monday. The next packet distribution on April 27th, will be the start date of our Planned Instruction approach for high school students.  Students are expected to engage in courses needed for graduation, which would include the 4 core subject areas (Math, English, Science and Social Studies), in addition to the grade level courses below required for graduation:
        • 9th Grade – Physical Education or Computer Applications
        • 10th Grade – Physical Education or Health
        • 11th Grade – Physical Education or Advanced Computer Applications
        • Students may also choose to continue their electives for Spanish, French, JrROTC, Band, Chorus, etc. These courses are NOT required.


Students attending ICTC!! will continue with the work ICTC provided and their Math, English, and either a Social Studies or Science course (you decide).  Due to the workload provided by ICTC, one course will be exempt for the fourth nine weeks for ICTC students, as they are still working on attaining their competencies.    


Packets can be picked up in the HS Auditorium entrance at your convenience, if you cannot make it during scheduled times. If packets cannot be dropped off during scheduled times, they need to be dropped in the drop boxes provided in the HS Auditorium entrance. 



APRIL 27, 2020: Packet pickup. 8 AM – 11 AM.  We will not be collecting packets.

MAY 11, 2020: Packet drop off and pickup.  8 AM – 11 AM

MAY 26, 2020: Packet drop off and pickup. 8 AM – 11 AM

JUNE 5, 2020:  Packet drop off. 8 AM – 11 AM.