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Google Classroom Codes 5 - 12

The PDF file at the bottom of this page lists all of the Google Classroom codes needed to join a teacher's class.  The high school teachers will load educational material into their classrooms for review and enrichment of already taught concepts from now until June 12, 2020.  Course work in the Google Classrooms is not graded.  However, teachers will be providing feedback to students on the work that they complete.  Why complete ungraded work?  It's important that students stay present with their learning and continue to practice and advance their skills in preparation for the 2020-2021 school year.  
Students can access their Google Classroom login page at
To log in, students should enter their complete email address and password they use to log in to technology at school.   Be sure to include the in the username.  Usernames are set up by last name, then the first two initials of their first name.  For example John Doe would be set up as [email protected].  
Click the plus sign at the top right to join a class and enter the code from the PDF sheet below.  Please note that not all elective courses will have Google Classrooms created.  Teachers are available via email for questions about the content.  If you are having technical issues logging into Google, please complete a support ticket.  The support ticket link is located in the menu to the right of this page.

5th Grade Science and Social Studies: gibddrv


6th Grade Science and Social Studies: e3zbokq