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Science/Social Studies Online 5-8

Grade 5 - 8 Science/Social Studies Google Classroom


We have created Google Classrooms for our 5th through 8th Grade Science and Social Studies Classes for the duration of the school closure.


In order to access the Google Classroom, please follow the steps below:


1. Go to and click Sign In. Sign in with your Marion Center network username and password, the one you use to log on to a computer at school.


2. At the top right, click the plus sign + to add a class. Select “Join class”.


3. Enter the class code for the grade level you are in and click Join.


5th Grade Science and Social Studies: gibddrv


6th Grade Science and Social Studies: e3zbokq


7th Grade Science: wqug3fr                         7th Grade World History: bo6dfct


8th Grade Science: 6hjpfz                             8th Grade American History: y5ci457