Academic Packets

Please understand that the district does not expect your child to be a full-time student while he/she is out of the classroom. We believe that this is a time to bond as a family, share valuable experiences together, learn things that cannot be taught in school, laugh, and have fun together. And, most of all stay healthy! Our expectation is for your child to keep up with what he/she has acquired this year by practicing and enriching already learned skills, so that he/she does not regress after this extended break. We believe this can be done in less than a few hours each day.
The packets contained on this page are for core subject area classes only.  If you cannot find a course you are taking, look in the grade level above or below to see if you can locate it there. Packets are for the purpose of enrichment and review.  The packets are not mandatory, but we do encourage students to keep this year's learned material fresh in their minds so they are ready for a transition into next year's classes.   If you have a question, please use the support ticket tab to the right and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.