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Gifted Qualifications

Marion Center Area School District Criteria for Mental Giftedness

State regulations indicate that a Full-Scale Intellectual Quotient (FSIQ) of 130 or above should be considered for Mental Giftedness. When a child’s FSIQ score is not within that range, multiple criteria such as a student’s academic achievement, rates of acquisition and retention, and specialized skills, interests, and aptitudes are considered for evidence of Mental Giftedness. Finally, a student should present a need for specially designed instruction.

Marion Center Area School District (MCASD) follows State guidelines. In addition, MCASD recognizes that IQ tests have a standard error of measurement of about + or – 5 points, so FSIQ scores of 125 and above are also considered for Mental Giftedness. Also, the General Ability Index (GAI) may be a better indicator of overall reasoning abilities, than the child’s FSIQ, so when a child’s GAI is at or above 125 they may be considered for Mental Giftedness, if they also present with a need for specially designed instruction. Students whose FSIQ or GAI scores are not at or above 125 may be considered for Mental Giftedness using multiple criteria IF they demonstrate the following:

  • FSIQ or GAI of 115 or higher OR a verbal or nonverbal/ perceptual reasoning score above 125
  • academic achievement on a standardized assessment in one or more areas above a Standard Score of 120
  • Advanced scores on district assessments in the fall and spring
  • very high rates of acquisition and retention based on district assessments and State assessments
  • very strong evidence of specialized skills, interests, or aptitudes based on very high scores on a gifted rating scale, parent and teacher observations, and school competitions
  • a need for specially designed instruction