Marion Center Area School District is closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.  

Last updated May 15, 2020 at 1:35 PM. 


Graduation Plan updated May 15, 2020:  Please click here to read the district's plan for graduation.  


Continuity of Education Plan Updated April 21st :


Pedro Rivera, Secretary of Education, announces that all schools in PA are expected by PDE to move to Planned Instruction.  In an email sent last week, Rivera states, "As educators preparing students to continue on to post secondary opportunities, the workforce or transitioning to their next grade, it is our responsibility and expectation that every school offer planned instruction at every grade level for all students."


In response to this expectation, MCASD has updated their Continuity of Education Plan to meet current state mandates. Click here to read more.  


Currently ALL academics, athletics, community service activities, and all other school sponsored events/activities are cancelled for the 2019-2020 school year.  The FREE MEAL PROGRAM will continue to run every Monday from 8 AM - 11 AM at Rayne and at the Cafe/Pool entrance on the McCreery/High School complex.  Five breakfast and five lunch meals are provided for each child.  Thank you to our cafeteria staff for making this happen every week!     


Update April 8, 2020: The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) announced today that all schools in the commonwealth will be closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.  


For more information, PDE is continually updating their FAQ document on the PDE website.


PSSA/Keystone Exams Updated March 23 : PDE announced March 19, 2020 the cancellation of all PSSA testing and Keystone exams for the 2019-20 school year as a result of COVID-19. This includes the Pennsylvania Alternate System of Assessment (PASA).  Click here to read more. NOCTI testing for technical education has also been canceled.  


180 Day Requirement Updated April 6th : Many families have been questioning whether our students will be required to make up the days missed by the mandated school closures.  PDE announced that they will be waiving the 180 day requirement.  Due to this announcement, the district will be bringing teachers back on board starting on April 6th to start supporting families and children during the school closure.  The school calendar will be adjusted and students' last day of school will be Friday, June 12, 2020.   Seniors will graduate as planned on June 2, 2020.  


Educational Resources for Families: We do understand the importance of continuity of education, so we have provided families with links to educational sites on our district and school websites. Resources can be found under Academic Resources by clicking on the "Links" tab. We understand that as parents, it may be difficult to weed through all of the sites listed as links, especially when you are not sure exactly what is being covered within your child's classroom.  We have put together some suggested activities for families for each grade level for children to continue to practice the skills they have covered so far this school year.  There will also be activities to extend their learning and to provide virtual opportunities to expand their background knowledge.  These suggestions are just that, suggestions.  Children are not required to complete the suggested activities.  They will not be used for grades or attendance purposes in any way.  They are simply a resource for parents to provide continuity in their child's learning, if they choose to do so.  To access these suggestions, please click on the grade span to your right, then scroll to find your child's grade level. 


SAT: College Board is canceling the May 2, 2020 SAT administration. Makeup exams for the March 14 administration (scheduled for March 28) are also canceled.  College Board has loaded AP Course work on their site, as well as information on how they will proceed with online testing.  Dates are posted on the site and also on our site under Academic Resources, AP Information.  To connect to the College Board site, please click here. 


Special Education Meetings/Services:  Starting on April 6th Special Education Teachers will be contacting families to get IEP meetings scheduled.  Although we are unable to provide an ideal special education program at this time, we will do what we can to keep our students on track.  If permitted, we will be running a more intensive Extended School Year program this summer.   If you have questions regarding special education services/meetings, please contact Amy Gaston, at 724-397-5551 Ext. 5413.