OPTION 1: Return to the school building.  Students will start the school year on a 50% staggered start.  Students will attend face-to-face instruction on campus every other day.  On the opposite day they will complete remote learning activities from home.  Remote learning activities will be accessed through Google Classroom and will include extension activities based on the face-to-face instruction provided the prior day, as well as some new content that will be discussed when the student returns to class.  Each student will receive a one-to-one device.  The staggered schedule will continue until at least the end of September.  The COVID situation will be reassessed at the September Board of Directors meeting.  Students will be required to wear masks on transportation and in the building with the exception of when they are seated at their desks, which will be set at least 6 feet apart in classrooms. 

OPTION 2: Marion Center Area Cyber Academy (MCACA).  The MCACA is a K – 12 cyber option that is set up like a traditional cyber program.  The curriculum is provided by the Edgenuity learning platform and is taught by Marion Center Teachers.  Students will have access to their teachers during scheduled office hours and have access as needed to an instant on-line tutor provided by Edgenuity.  MCACA students are Marion Center students!  They are able to participate in any extracurricular activities that our brick and mortar students have and graduate with a Marion Center diploma.  This program is Asynchronous, which means students do not have schedule times that they are required to be logged in.  Students do need to demonstrate progress/attendance each day, but can work at their own pace and at their own schedule. 

FOR PREK – 6 ONLY: POSSIBLE OPTION 3: Parent interest will determine this possibility.  We are highly considering offering a fully virtual return to school option that mirrors option 1, but without requiring students to ever come to the school.  Students would attend their face-to-face instructional day virtually through a live feed into their teacher’s classrooms every other day, and then complete remote learning activities in the same manner as option 1 on the following day.  Google Classrooms will be set up for students to access the materials and assignments and Google Meet will provide the live feed.   Students will be provided a schedule and will need to log in at specified times.  If you like this option better than option 1 or 2 for your elementary child, please choose it.  If we do not have the interest to support it, we will call you to talk about our other options. 

Thank you for being prompt with your survey to assist us in the planning process.  We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to move through uncharted territory.