Elementary students are reminded to leave their book bags at home on November 26th.

   Bagged lunches from home should be labeled on the outside with your child’s name and his/her teacher’s name. All containers and utensils should be disposable. Please do not send glass bottles/jars/anything breakable.

   Cameras and Camcorders ARE NOT ALLOWED in the KCAC center.

High School

All staff can be reached by dialing 724-397-5551 followed by their extension.

Display # 
Paterson, Cathy Art x1112
Patterson, Jesse Language Arts x1106
Patterson, Laura Language Arts x1207
Pearce, Shelly Guidance Counselor x1138
Peters, Chris Social Studies x1220
Peterson, Scott IMC/Library x1130
Petrillo, Rosie Language Arts x1105
Putt, Jeffrey Assistant Principal x1000
Rapach, Ruth Paraeducator x1227
Reed, Matthew Math x1113
Reken, Kelly Paraeducator x1221
Renaldi, Mary Paraeducator x1201
sandoval, Sabrina Language Arts x1202
Schaller, Jonathan Music x1110
Schmidt, Matthew ROTC Assistant X1121
Shouse, Cally Science X1210
Sitosky, Janet Guidance Administrative Assistant x1140
Smith, Rebecca Paraeducator x1119
Smith-Wagner, Shayla Learning Support x1221
Socol, Ray Science x1102