Welcome to Kindergarten

We would like to welcome you to the Marion Center Area School District and our Kindergarten program.  Kindergarten is a very exciting time for children and their families!  The first steps in a child's school career can be filled with excitement, anticipation, and some level of anxiety.  Our primary goal for the start of the year is to help children and families feel comfortable in our schools. 

We have two elementary buildings in our district, each providing full day kindergarten programs.  Our full day kindergarten offers both a comprehensive academic program and a developmental approach to children's social development. We believe that children entering kindergarten need time and activities to develop social skills, friendships, and cooperative interaction skills as they learn skills to prepare them for academic learning.

If you are a new parent to our school system, we recommend the following informational packet, A guide to student Success, to provide an overview about what your child will be learning:

pdfKindergarten Guide to Student Success

Our Curriculum:

At Marion Center, Kindergarten Children Learn to:

  • Share and take turns
  • Work alone and with others
  • Develop self-confidence and feelings of security and success
  • Choose appropriate behaviors
  • Recognize and use letters and letter sounds
  • Develop emergent reading and creative writing skills
  • Express thoughts and ideas, both orally and in print
  • Recognize and use numbers in everyday situations
  • Develop problem solving strategies
  • Refine fine and gross motor skills
  • Explore and expand abilities and interests
  • Appreciate the world around them

Remember that our teachers are facilitators and coaches. Education is a lifelong process.

English Language Arts

pdfKindergarten English Language Curriculum Map


 pdfKindergarten Math Curriculum Map


pdfKindergarten Science Curriculum Map

Social Studies

pdfKindergarten Social Studies Curriculum Map

McCreery Staff

  • Mrs. Cooper
  • Mrs. Grant
  • Mr. Sitosky

Rayne Staff

  • Mrs. Coy
  • Miss Rado


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